Make your hospital
a safer & quieter place with

Why Choose TrackGiene?

TrackGiene is the next generation micro-location tracking platform for healthcare with advanced analytics and 3 feet accuracy.

Make your healthcare facility a smart facility with locatible analytical and localization platform. enhance safety reduce waiting times, turnover times and increase patient flow.

Reduce asset purchases, find out how long patient hasn’t been seen, monitor hand hygiene  compliance, get alerted when a patient falls track performance of your ward on a user friendly and colour based platform ,all in real time.

With TrackGiene, all door location products are under one roof including:

Asset localization with utilization data.

Patient & staff tracking with workforce & patient data,

Advanced analytics to improve patient flow

Assistance button with location on live map

Infection control reports & hand hygiene, Real –time patient fall alert

Management KPIs

" Healthcare-related infections annually affect nearly two million people in U.S. and are responsible for approximately 80.000 deaths "

Center for disease control and prevention

Infection control reports & hand hygiene compliance:

With TrackGiene , infection control Is instant , our platform will tell you exactly what and who was in any room or area on any date and time and where the asset or person went afterwards, who and what the asset or person came into contact with. All this is provided in CDC compliant exportable report.

TrackGiene platform now includes hand hygiene providing compliance rates for staff and departments. It is fully automated.

" Healthcare facilities are able to achieve ROI in matter of months when lost time and replacement costs are considered "



A hospital can easily save more than $1 million annually thanks TrackGiene indoor location.
The most signifant savings are in asset management & preventing lost –hours of caregivers. You will notice your hospital running smoothly, quieter days after you start using TrackGiene.

The Most Advanced Location Tracking

Asset tracking

Reduce asset purchases by up to 35% thanks to improving utilization of equipment, using the nearest equipment and preventing asset loss. Reducing your asset purchase / lease will also cut maintenance costs.

With TrackGiene you can accurately find any piece of equipment in your hospital instantly, save lost man hours of people searching for equipment and increase 


Should an asset leave a predefined area an alert will be displayed on screen informing your care givers to tackle lost /stolen equipment.

Patient & staff location

Eliminate lost man-hours, increase safety of patient and staff, and improve patient floe and workflow. Find colleagues, doctors or patients in seconds with 3 feet accuracy anywhere in hospital .utilize invaluable analytical location big data to improve patient flow. Patients and caregivers wear bracelets with an assistance button.

TrackGiene platform also shows the accurate location of person who called for assistance in real time .mangers can then monitor avg. Response times, number of alerts and more analytical data.


Real-time KPIs management

It’s easy to monitor real-time situations or historical data and reports in order to improve hospital scores, improve safety, track the progress of hospital, find bottlenecks justify budgets. You can  benchmark KPIs and analytics data per patient or per department.

You can monitor these and more KPIs in real-time:

Length of stay, Waiting Times, New vs. Existing patients, staff level vs.patients,

Avg .Alert Response Time, Avg. patient Fall Alert Response Time, Bed Turn around, Time since Last Seen, Equipment Utilization,Patient Census, Lab. Turnaround Time…